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KazFont  KazFont - free programmer font for Windows

The font is free, but if you feel you earn money easier using KazFont, you may voluntarily donate the author through PayPal.

If you are looking for decorated TrueType font, you missed. This font is for programmers use.

There are several requirements for the ideal programmer font, which make me draw my own font:

  1. Visual clarity
  2. Programming languages compatibility
  3. Debugging help
  4. Multilanguage support
  5. Flexible encoding selection

Click on any of above topics to read more.

The font consists of total 6 character tables in Western and Central European encodings. Each table contains 5 character sizes.
Two lowest sizes are intended mainly for debugging. The largest size is for laptops, which sometimes have too high screen resolution. Two middle sizes are dedicated for everyday work, depending of your eyes health.

And of course this is monospaced font, adequate to source code formatting.

Below are the basic tables screenshots. As you can see, there are no framed rectangles. Every byte position shows some information. When no character is assigned to the byte position, hexadecimal value appears. Even non-breaking space is marked.

KazFont Western 8 KazFont Western 9 KazFont Western 10 KazFont Western 12 KazFont Western 13

KazFont appears in two editions: Normal and Plus. The only difference is that KazFontPlus gives you more choice of the character encoding. You can use any of these fonts or both.

KazFont.fon contain following font names. Each font appears in Western and Central European encoding.

Kaz 8859
Kaz UTF8
Kaz Hex
Download KazFont download

KazFontPlus.fon contain following font names. Each font appears only in one codepage according to font name.

Kaz Western
Kaz Western as CE
Kaz CE
Kaz CE as Western
Kaz 8859-1
Kaz 8859-1 as CE
Kaz 8859-2
Kaz 8859-2 as Western
Kaz UTF8 Western
Kaz Hex Western
Kaz Hex CE
Download KazFontPlus download

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